Logitech G

art dir.

With the increasing demand for video content, clients want their internal teams to be able execute a high volume of creative content with polished and consistent motion graphics. Using the “Essential Graphics” capabilities of After Effects and Premiere, I produced complex animation packages that can be updated and customzed by simply editing a text box or moving a slider.

︎︎︎This demo covers two separate campaigns for Logitech G. One targeting professionals and E-sports enthusiats (left), the other a more general gaming audience (right). Each was built as a modular system of components that work together across multiple platforms and aspect ratios.

This is a headline + body animation being edited with “Essential Graphics”. Just plug in your type, set the size and position, and the animation takes care of itself.

Prior to the creative execution, I developed a production roadmap optimized for efficieny, to guide the implementation of the templates across the brand. This package also included a collection of asset libraries for text, icon, and logo animations, audio and music libraries.