Hello, I’m Matt- a freelance motion and graphic designer with a knack for conceptual design, problem solving, and top-notch execution. I’m particularly passionate about motion design and branding projects, but I’m comfortable tackling just about any creative task.

I have experience working with–
︎︎︎ marketing agencies
︎︎︎ production houses
︎︎︎ entrepreneurs
︎︎︎ designers
︎︎︎ non-profits
︎︎︎ music festivals
︎︎︎ small business
︎︎︎ hospitals
︎︎︎ film festivals
︎︎︎ fortune 500 companies
︎︎︎ freelancers
︎︎︎ film makers
︎︎︎ game developers

Most of all I love collaborating with teams, creatives, and clients to beef up an idea or working together to create some something brand-spanking-new (especially if it means I can play copywriter for a few hours).

Beyond just making things I also can help develop stuff... like a new creative processes, training new skills, exploring new design technologies, or putting together a campaign for your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign.